Philosophy– Baseballs way. We did not invent the game nor do we know everything there is to know about the game. We have been around a lot of very intelligent and motivating coaches that we have based our fundamental principles on in our own way.  There are many parts of the game that are absolutes, regardless of what kind of player you are. Absolutes that cannot be broken. We teach these absolutes but also let players be who they want to be because we know everyone is different.  Texas Hardball is not a cookie cutter program. Meaning, we do not train and develop every player the exact same.  We will develop every player physically, mechanically, and the most important, mentally.  We believe that, through the mental side of the game, we can change a player’s attitude, confidence, mentality, and outcome.  We will give every player the mental advantage for baseball excellence.  Mental toughness, mental focus, and mental confidence are all aspects in which we develop with our young players whether they are going into college, high school or playing this type of baseball for the first time.